System tray mail notifier written in Python 3 and PyQt5
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## About
This is Light weight mail notifier written in PyQt5. It checks your mailbox periodically and notify you if you have new mail.
8 years ago
## Screenshots
7 years ago
### Version 3.0
### Version 1.0
## Install
You need to install PyQt5 as dependency. Then just clone this git repository or download release and copy all files where you want to store this program. No additional installation is required.
*In version 0.10 you also need to edit and fill your mailbox credentials in 70-72 rows*
## Launch
Give execute permission to
$ chmod +x
8 years ago
## Changelog
7 years ago
6 years ago
### Version 3.01 (release date: 10.10.17)
* Added status bar in Details window
* Details window now remembers its size
* Some cosmetic improvements in menu
7 years ago
### Version 3.0 (release date: 26.07.16)
* System tray icon displays count of unread mail directly on itself
* Popup notification behaviour was changed: now popup notification appears only if the number of unread emails has
changed since last mail check
* Now you can view a short information about unread emails by click on system tray icon or choose "Details" from system tray menu
7 years ago
### Version 2.0 (release date: 23.03.16)
* **Important! Users of Mail Notifier 1.x have to delete old configuration file located in ~/.config/mail-notifier/settings.conf before first launch of new version**
* New "About" window
* Added license (BSD 3-Clause)
### Version 2.0-beta1 (release date: 10.02.16)
* **Important! The configuration structure was changed. Users of Mail Notifier 1.x have to delete old configuration file located in ~/.config/mail-notifier/settings.conf before first launch of new version**
* Multi account support. Now the program is able to check new mails in several mailboxes. You will get the total quantity of new mails from all mailboxes in system tray
7 years ago
### Version 1.02 (release date: 26.01.16)
* Rewrote periodical mail check function and fixed bug in OS X
### Version 1.01 (release date: 25.01.16)
* New icon, that shows if you have connection problems
* Fixed bug when system tray icon sometimes didn't appear after DE start
### Version 1.0 (release date: 01.11.15)
* Settings window
* All parameters are stored in configuration file *(~/.config/mail-notifier/settings.conf)*
8 years ago
* Many improvements
### Version 0.10 (pre release date: 28.10.15)
* Initial version
* All parameters are stored right in script